Beyond Me is a film that seamlessly and convincingly bridges the gap between Intelligent Design and Darwin's Theory of Evolution, makes a cogent argument for how Reincarnation is the major driving force behind all of Biological Evolution and draws a compelling link between the Migrational Instincts of Monarch Butterflies and Human Personality Disorders, completely calling into question the efficacy and legitimacy of Modern Psychoanalytic Theory. All in roughly 50 minutes. 

There is an expression in the english language that says "A Leopard can never change it's spots" and it simply means that people are born the way they are and they can't or won't change. But is this true?  Beyond Me examines the link between traits and tenancies in humans & animal instincts and provides a life affirming and empowering answer to the question, do we each have the ability to make deep, lasting, meaningful changes at our core?

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