Dear Frank,
My name is Bob.  I just finished watching your documentary, Beyond Reason.  I need to get something off my chest while its still fresh.
When I was a child, I had this moment that has stuck with me my entire life.  I was in third grade at my local elementary school (known as the poor kids' school).  It was parent-teacher conference night, and I waited at home for my mother to return.  I was sitting with my father on the couch watching TV.  I heard the door open. And I heard the sound of my mother's heels walking across the linoleum of the kitchen, int the plywood floor hallway.  My mother grew up in Lowell and is known to be loving, but tough.  She took the corner and she looked at me.  She said slowly... and impact-fully .  Robert Allen McCallister..... I waited for her next words which felt like an eternity... she spoke again "I have never been more proud, in my entire life.  You are one of three students to get all A's." What she was saying was "Michael... you are smart - you have a good mind - you are capable - you can do things many people cannot."
From that moment forward, I had this sense that I needed to use my mind.  I felt I needed to be smart - be an intellectual.  I was given a gift that I needed to utilize.  It has prevented me from getting into drugs, making poor decisions, getting girls pregnant... That moment shaped the rest of my life.
After years of acquiring knowledge and pursuing a "good life", I found myself doing what was expected of me.  I went to a top university, worked for the top company globally in my field, made double the average salary out of college, lived in an amazing apartment... but it all felt wrong.  In my search for knowledge I felt I tasted the slightest bit of enlightenment... not actual enlightenment... but I learned that it existed.  I knew it was "out there".  This changed my path... I realized these things that were expected of me did not make me happy and my happiness could only come from within.  I don't know how I got to this conclusion.. I just felt it.  I felt strange and different than everyone else and elt I had to explain the way I "was".  I was not "odd" per-say  I had a lot of friends, pretty girlfriends, great relationships, success at work... like I was playing a game.  I learned to function in the "material world" but I felt and knew something was beyond that.
You documentary was the first time I have ever seen someone verbalize (and visualize for me) that belief I had... And I felt for a moment that my entire life made sense, and all those internal struggles I had was because this was actual truth and the world we live in and the things we are forced to believe contradict this truth.  I feel free.  I feel like I am looking at the world not in a new way.... but rather... I am much more open to looking at the world the way I have always FELT it should be looked at. PS I apologize for my spelling, typing, and grammar.. I am writing this so fast to try to keep up with my mind, and I am hesitant to change it in any way in fear I will lose its authenticity.

In profound Gratitude,


Dear Mr Huguenard

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to view (absorb) your wonderful film.  More than mind expanding, it was mind blowing!  I had almost given up hope that the light which illuminated so brightly the development of human consciousness during the 50's, 60's and 70's was still burning.  Thanks to you as well as the other torch bearers you presented in your film, not only do I feel personally rejuvenated but more importantly, confident about the longevity of our planet.  Actually, at several points in the film, I felt transported back to the 1980's college classes I had at UNF with Dr. John Maraldo, who used many texts to present the mind body question including Dr. Zukav's "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters".  I still have that text and I am '...holding on to it' --was that Dr. Dossey's quote?--along with all the words of wisdom presented in The Physics of the Soul.  People like you make the world a better place--is it too late for you to run for President?

My husband and I plan to view the other films and look forward to the many more you plan to release as well as send  contributions whenever we can--loved the nature trailer set to music.  Jah bless.

Jean Kootte  

Hey Frank,

Thank you so much for that enlightening film [Beyond Me]; it resonated with me like no other film ever has!

I've been planning to meditate, start yoga, and begin breathing exercises; your film has definitely convinced me to start these immediately. There was just so much in your film to learn and understand, that I am going to watch it again several times; and, will most certainly recommend it to others.

It seems we've lived similar lives filled with pain, misery, and suffering; mostly, self-created, or at least, self-instigated; by our Ego's, including, many other lifetimes of collected baggage and bric brac; that as you know, can have 'reactive power' over our present and future actions, decisions, intelligence, and moods, including of course, our 'apparently' dysfunctional personality traits.

As a film buff, that has watched over 30,000 hours of film these past sixty plus years; I must commend you on your creation. Your film was truly transcendent, in every way; the colors, the sounds, the selection of eastern music, the images, and the stories, all brought together, for a rare a radiant, special effect...ENLIGHTENMENT for Humanity; to help serve, as well as save Humanity!

I like your movie attitude; it wasn't in your face; it was a breath of fresh air, very spiritually uplifting.

It was a beautifully done film that I will watch and share, again and again.

You've made my year!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and creativity.

Sincerely, with my deepest gratitude,
Andrew Zubriczky

 "These films were the most inspiring pieces that I have ever seen. I have spent years trying to find the truth that you have put together in these 3 documentaries. My life will never be the same. Thank you."                   Gary Winkler
[In Beyond Reason] How come this high school maths teacher is more lucid, more accurate, more precise and more free of dogma than (sorry for the comparison) most of my former university professors and fellow researchers? Then again, titles should mean nothing, but they _do_ mean so much to so many people in this world we live in...

I wish there were more people like that in education AND in scientific (and other types of) research!

Thank you for this documentary!


Dear Frank

I'm a former Catholic Nun who has left my vocation because I was unable to reconcile the hypocrisy and lack of Truth in The Church.  I'm so impressed with what you said in Beyond Belief and now I know I'm not insane as I was diagnosed . I know this is the truth what you explained, my brainwashing did not make any sense. It was indoctrination of repeating the same dogmas, not teaching, over and over again. Until you start believing fairytales and make believes. My parents disowned me for parting from the Church. I go to S.I.C.I.C now. A skeptic group in my little island Malta. Your videos saved me from insanity. I used to ask myself Why am I like that, going against my ancestors' Religion.  Why out of all my friends and family, am I the only one like that. I felt like I should be burned like Giordano Bruno in Rome. I go visit him every year at Capo die fiori around this time of year. THANK YOU and Blessings from beyond and above.

Mr. Huguenard,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful film! Excellent piece of work and great contribution to humanity! Appreciated and has kept me thinking….


God bless you, Frank, for your generosity and your gift to humanity! Amen,

Zinat Fazal MACS

UN Stress Counsellor

United Nations Department of Safety & Security (UNDSS)

Critical Incident Stress Management Unit (CISMU)

United Nations, Tanzania

I have been a student of this genre of philosophy for many years.  It has been said that ‘the Truth can’t be told’……and yet with Beyond Me, you’ve done exactly that.  I commend you for this wonderful work of art and contribution to Mankind.


Ted, California


Sir, I am teaching in Jain University (A private university) in Bangalore and this is the only college/university in whole of India which has introduced Indian Psychology to Under Graduate Students.  I am teaching Indian Psychology in the same college and also pursuing PhD, in Indian Psychology from University of Mysore, Mysore, India. I am pursuing my PhD, under Dr. Kiran Kumar, who recently had come to America on Fulbright Scholarship. Kiran Kumar, my guide is a luminary in the field of Indian Psychology and a professor also teaching Western Pscyhology in University of Mysore.

You have done a great job by showing through your work the limitations of Western Psychology.  Unfortunately, in India most of them feel Western Psychology is the be all and end all and criticize Indian thoughts like consciousness and Karma philosophy or even Re-incarnation philosophy.  I am Swaroop Sharma from Bangalore, India.  I followed the link to Beyond Me and it was an amazing one.  I circulated it to already more than 15 friends of mine and they watched and gave positive feedback.  Very soon I will be showing the documentary you have prepared, to my students in the college I am teaching.

I really felt it a proud moment today to see an individual like you for taking up some serious work on Indian thought system without any bias, for the welfare of the mankind. Your presentation is simply superb.

Swaroop.R. M.A., M.S. Research Scholar, DOS in Psychology, University of Mysore.

Just a quick thank you from Australia. I just watched your film Beyond Me and I am very humbled by the information you have shared. I have been on this journey of awakening for about a year or so now and alot of the information coming in has been sporadic and overwhelming. I'm 24 years young and have always felt empty and always catch myself wrestling with my Ego. 

With the internet and all its commotion, its hard to find solid truths and factual information.. Although in saying that, I had found bits and pieces which did seem to fit. It was finding your video that put them all in place and sort of brought to light everything I was trying to put together in my mind. I started reading the Bhagavad-Gita 'As It is' a few weeks ago and very recently started practicing meditation and eating well. I'm finding it difficult to switch off while meditating but I'm slowly getting there.

Anyway I've turned a quick thank you into a long one, so I'll leave it at that ;) I do hope you are well. 

Most appreciative and sincerely

Todd Nielsen


Hello Frank. Thank you so much. The documentary Beyond Me is an amazing work of art, truly truly life changing in every way.

I simply can not express to you how much watching your documentary means to me and is going to mean also to many others that I am going to be sharing it with in just a few moments. I've been trying to share this information with my son for many years and I've been unable to put what I know ,into the words that he'll understand, and now, finally, there is a way for me to be able to share this truth. I thank you from all that I am. and wish for you all the joy that is possible. May you always be surrounded in the love and laughter of those who mean the most to you. 
much love to you Frank

Cynthia Cecile Lee

I watched "Beyond Me" yesterday along with my graduate students. I must say, we all found the film very meaningful. I look forward to viewing the second film.  My current research work (also pertaining to healing) is located within the framework of Indian Psychology. We mean by Indian psychology an approach to psychology that is based on ideas and practices that developed over thousands of years within the Indian sub-continent. In other words, we use the word "Indian" to indicate and honour the origin of this approach to psychology: the origin of the underlying philosophy, the conceptual framework, the methods of enquiry, and the "technology of consciousness" that it uses to bring about psychological change and transformation. We hold that Indian Psychology as a meta-theory and as an extensive body of related theories and practices has something essential and unique to contribute to the global civilization as a whole.

With all good wishes.

Suneet Varma, Ph.D.

Delhi-110007, India.

Everyone should watch this film. 

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


This is truly a masterpiece. It has changed my life.

Anthony Gordon


Bravo!-Bravo!-Bravo! 5-STARS! Incredibly good movie. Excellent script and wonderful selection of visuals in exquisite resolution. Information presented with clarity and I was entertained from beginning to end. Skillful editing in all areas. A real surprise. Thank You! Share with friends.

Soul Connection


I *really* like this, especially the bit about the universe right at the start, and the "off switch" while meditating, beautifully done.

Mellissa lewthwaite


This is the most terrific and insightful video I have seen on cosmos , meditation , reincarnation , Science , computer ... all of them linked together... which makes sense ! Great video ! Frankie !

Aman Sheel


A very well made documentary. One of the best on the philosophy of meditation, I have seen so far. I liked the flow, presentation and the thought provoking facts and theories highlighted.

Thanks a lot for making this and sharing with us.

Sukanya Ray


Great documentary!! The way you have related your views on different aspects of life is fabulous.



Fantastic documentary!! loved it!! really nice way to link all the ideas.. thanks for this Frank! sharing it right away!!

Vignesh Subramaniam


By far, one of the best documentaries I have seen recently. Very powerful, and very doubt that hindu mystics have knows this for thousands of years, which science is only now trying to figure out...and may never be able to. Meditation is the secret to the Universe, and the beauty of it all is that it's not a hidden secret, it's for your taking if you so wish...

Manish M


Excellent, thought provoking, and wonderfully woven together with imagery, music, and untainted spiritual expansiveness. I especially enjoyed the photos of so many primates in all their diversity. Also a timely reminder to not forsake my daily meditation "ritual". Thank - You Frank.

Dabra Grant


I thought the documentary was great, and think I picked up some valuable information. Thank you for putting it together.

Max Nuccio


Awesome again. What I find great is this is very comparable to "What the Bleep Do We Know"..but with a much smaller budget! You really aren't kidding that you become "more efficient" when you meditate! Only thing I would add would be to experience an Out Of Body Experience. It's direct experience of knowing yourself beyond your physical self (another tool besides meditation). I KNOW 100% I am more than my physical body. Near death experiences (and experiences like them without being near death) are available for ALL, just like meditation. I do believe though meditation is the foundation for all other spiritual experiences. Great job once again. You have inspired me!

Joel Dickson


It is the most autopoietic product in my 25 years researching love, truth, and Freedom! Bravo Frank!

Ante Lauc


Frank this has been beyond beautiful and inspiring for me! I found the film as I was immersing myself in Yogic schools of thought and meditation traditions! I also like how you've mentinoed that so many ancient and modern traditions/religions have much in common...I am actually writing an article for my blog comparing concepts from varying religions. It's mind blowing how I read something in meditation literature then find it in let's say a Torah parscha in Judaism that almost word for word says the same thing ...thank you so much for this :)



Very nice, I just started slipping away into bliss for the last 20 minutes or so of the video. I appreciated the questions at the begining and throughout the video. I want to watch this video again with some good friends in the near future and meditate with them either before or after watching this.


 Truly a labour of LOVE. Thank you brother for this illuminating Documentary .



Frank, you've done an incredible job. I love this video. It sums up most of the key information we humans need to be aware of and makes it interesting.



Lots of food for thought here and very well constructed. Thank you Frank for this excellent video.





Very informative and an excellent doc/film. Much appreciated and thank you for sharing.



Excellent film! Will definitely pass on!


Extremely important and relevant material.

Dick Roy


Fabulous and thank-you for sharing this message of peace with the world.


 Thank you for spreading the word. I am grateful for you.



 Fantastic! A great reminder for the advanced soul and a wonderful introduction to the serious seeker. Thanks for


 Gratitude to you and all that is!



Wonderfully insightful and very well made ....  Thank you Frank


 Amazing and very brilliant.  Keep it up.  Thanks for making this film for the human kind.


This video changed my life today and I am forever thankful to Frank for creating it and sharing it. May it have the same profound effect on all who are lucky enough and/or open enough to view it and embrace the enlightenment it offers.

Lori. Indiana

Thanks Frank, its wonderful (I watched it twice) and still want to see it again!!! Absolutely fantastic video, which i thoroughly enjoyed every second ! Lots of good thought provoking content and very much food for the soul :)

Daniel Baily


 It was awesome!!! I was really impressed and this is definitely comparable to the order of The Secret or What the bleep do you know....Everybody should watch this....

 Devarajan Ramakrishnan

 Thank you Frank! Really enjoyed the documentary. I just finished watching it with my wife Sapna. Very thought provoking, to the point and intriguing documentary. Thank you so much for bringing this to us. A MUST Watch! Cheers!

 Gaurav Rana


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