Frank Huguenard

At the end of the day, I'm just a dude, trying to figure out life without making too much of a mess of things, just like everyone else.

I'd like to think of myself as a philosopher, scientist, spiritual anthropologist, humanitarian and a documentary film maker.  After spending 30 years in silicon valley as a technologist and entrepreneur, I wanted to give back to society by using my background in high tech to produce films that combined the knowledge of all the great wisdom traditions on the planet with the latest in research in consciousness studies along with findings from modern physics and quantum mechanics. 

I have passion is something I call spiritualology, a discipline that includes the research, examination, interpretation, distillation and subsequent re-synthesis of science, religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, anthropology into a comprehensive new model of reality that can use to possibly explain and understand our biological and spiritual our existence.  My goal is to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness that is happening on the planet right now by helping people to become aware of, nurture and ultimately evolve their own consciousness.

I've been known to have a wry sense of humor, I've has created a phenomenal new team sport, I've dabbled a bitin heirloom tomatoes, operated a gourmet "Indian" pizza restaurant, wrote a little ditty about devotion and invented some very disruptive technologies in the telephony industry.  The technologies I invented included in 2002, years prior to the release of the iPhone, a precursor to Visual Voicemail, a 'Siri-like' Mobile Voice Recognition Services & Universal Voicemail and in the year 2000, years before the introduction of Skype & YouTube, I developed a video communications platform that, feature for feature, had all of the functions of both.

D I S C H O O P S  (A team sport I invented)

Think Dischoops from frank huguenard on Vimeo.

H E I R L O O M   T O M A T O E S   O N   N B C   N E T W O R K   T V

D E V O T I O N (Words & Music by Frank Huguenard)

devotion from frank huguenard on Vimeo.

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